Quilting Machines

Designer Epic embroidery

Epic - Top of the line "Smart Machine" that incorporates cloud technology and cutting edge features to engage the sewist in all aspects of sewing, embroidery and quilting. Swedish engineering makes this machine sew Epic.

Dream machine top of the line

Dream Machine - The ultimate sewing, embroidery and quilting machine with scanning and camera technology incorporated for perfect stitching.

DreamWeaver-XE- embroidery & sewing machine

Dream Weaver-XE-For those who dream about doing it all - sewing, embroidery and quilting and more. Features a laser light for accurate stitching and embroidery placement


Opal 690 Q Sewing and Quilting machines

Opal 690Q - a modern computerized sewing machine that will take you from good to Great sewing and quilting.

Platinum 16 mid arm quilter

Platinum 16 - A mid arm sit down quilter that lets you create professional results in a compact space.

Platinum 3000 longarm

Platinum 3000 longarm - Experience a new dimension in free motion or computer assisted automation stitching. Quilt up to a king size top with ease and perfection. 

Sapphire 930 and 960Q sewing and quilting machines

Sapphire 930 and 960Q - Ideal for quilters and serious sewers.  It has a wider sewing bed for extra fabric and the exclusive sensor system.